Niedermüller Attorneys at Law is pleased to inform about the most recent publication on Cryptoassets and Blockchain for 2021 which has been provided by Matthias Niedermüller and Selma Talic.

The publication deals with the current legal framework for all kinds of digitalized/tokenized assets in Liechtenstein and answers the most relevant questions in connection with digitalized/tokenized assets, such as questions on creation, public offering, owning and trading of digitalized/tokenized assets.

The publication in particular explains the key aspects of the Token Container Model which was invented by the Liechtenstein lawmaker and implemented in the Liechtenstein Blockchain Act (Token and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act; TVTG).

The publication gives the reader a first overview and is able to answer key questions on the treatment of digitalized/tokenized assets in Liechtenstein.

The publication may be downloaded under the following link:

The publication is not to be understood as legal advice and cannot be applied and transferred to specific cases without prior specific separate consultation.

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