Court appointed expert confirms misleading information in sales documents.

In the course of the damages proceedings against Swisslife (Liechtenstein) AG regarding the overall product of the Swisslife Pension Plan sold by Swisslife (Liechtenstein) AG, the court-appointed expert in particular came to the following remarkable conclusions in his expert opinion:

  • The expectable increase of value as indicated in the sales documents were misleading and the customer would come to false conclusions on the basis of these documents.
  • The calculations made in the sales documents were based on unrealistic assumptions.
  • The actual costs incurred in the product were significantly higher than the costs stated in the sales documents.
  • The sales documents did not show the actual running costs.
  • The product sold was unsuitable for persons which were dependent on this type of old-age provision.

The results of the expert opinion thus confirm the reasons put forward by the plaintiff for asserting the claims for damages.