PUBLIC DEEDS | For all cases where the law requires the form of a Public Deed for transactions and legal relations we provide legal advice and prepare and notarize the required Public Deed. The Public Deed can be subject to Liechtenstein law but also to foreign laws. Also the Public Deed can be executed not only in German but also in English language.

AFFIDAVITS AND SWORN STATEMENTS | We can take and notarize affidavits and sworn statements in German and English Language for use in foreign legal proceedings.

NOTARIZATION of FACTS and LEGAL RELATIONS | We prepare Public Deeds notarizing important facts or legal relations in German as well as English language.

CERTIFIED SIGNATURES | We notarize your signature on all sorts of documents with German and English notarization.

APOSTILLE AND SUPERLEGALIZATION | Wherever required we arrange the required apostille and superlegalization for certified or notarized documents.

CERTIFIED COPIES | Wherever required we can prepare certified copies and extracts of all sorts of documents.